How to Get Home Health Care

how to get home health care

Home health care refers to a comprehensive array of health services provided in your own home by a team consisting of nurses and physical, occupational, and speech therapists. Home care is typically less costly, more convenient, and just as effective than hospital or skilled nursing facility (SNF) care – usually less costly in fact! Home health is only available to medically eligible people and those who receive an order from their physician – the home health agency will assess your needs before developing a personalized plan of care and teaching you and your family how best to manage illness at home while safely handling medications safely.

The team will visit on a schedule set by your doctor, checking blood pressure, temperature and heart rate as well as making sure that food and medicine are being consumed on schedule and taken correctly. They may assist with daily tasks like dressing, bathing and using the toilet; and will report back to their primary provider about any necessary changes in care plans or treatment programs.

Many people assume home health care must be extremely expensive; however, provided you meet eligibility requirements, Medicare will cover most home health costs. Your physician must certify your need for home health care, sign the plan of care and recertify it every 60 days. Furthermore, home health agencies should notify patients in advance if any items or services they provide aren’t covered; both verbally as well as through written notification called an Advance Beneficiary Notice.

For instance, depending on your Medicare Advantage plan and private insurance company coverage options for home health care costs may differ. Even if you are uninsured or not eligible for assistance through Medicare Advantage plans or private policies that offer home health services for a fee.

Caregiving an elderly loved one can be challenging, so it can be hard to recognize signs that they need extra assistance at home. However, if they’re having difficulty leaving their house to go shopping or no longer can drive themselves, it could be time to consider home health care as an option – here’s how you can start the conversation about this possibility.




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