How to Play the All Or Nothing Georgia Lottery Game

All or Nothing is an instant win game from Georgia Lottery that allows players to win up to $250,000 by matching all 12 numbers or none. Available both offline and online, players select 12 numbers from 1-24 and may opt for either prize multipliers or bullseye options, costing an extra $1 per play with the latter offering one extra bullseye number drawn during every keno game.

To play All or Nothing lottery game, first purchase a ticket from an authorized retailer, then fill out a play slip with your chosen numbers – alternatively use Quick Pik which automatically selects them for you! It is available at more than 8,700 authorized retailers throughout Oregon.

Georgia offers more than just one lottery game; scratch-offs, instant games and other lotto-related options can all be found here. Before purchasing tickets for any form of lotteries in Georgia, please read over their rules and regulations first.

The Georgia Lottery Corporation was created in 1993 to manage Georgia’s lottery. Instead of employing an executive director or president, 14 members are responsible for day-to-day operations at this company. Its primary goal is raising money for education; since its creation over three decades ago, more than $1 billion has been contributed by this corporation towards Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship and Pre-K programs.

Even though there have been notable Georgia Lottery winners in recent years, their odds are slim. Over that time period alone, more than $17.1 million in prizes has been withheld due to suspicions of fraud or other questionable activities.

Georgia Lotteries also offers 39 instant-win Diggi Games that resemble slot machines, legalized and regulated by the Georgia Legislature in 2013. You can find these video lottery games in convenience stores, grocery stores, taverns and bowling alleys; but it should be noted that they do not use playing cards or numbers as symbols; therefore these instant win Diggi Games should not be considered slots.

To play Georgia Lottery Diggi Games, simply visit an authorized retailer and sign a receipt. Your winnings will then be deposited directly into your account by that retailer. If you win big, Jackpocket will notify the lottery commission and arrange to have your prize securely delivered. Depending on what form your prize takes (lump sum or 30-yearly payments over 29 years), or you may withdraw it within 10 days from when it was first reported if desired (if your win exceeds $599 Jackpocket will contact the Georgia lottery on your behalf and deposit it directly into your account once reported by them).