Which Oregon Video Lottery Game Has the Best Odds?

which oregon video lottery game has the best odds

Oregon Lottery players spent an astonishing $9.9 billion playing video machines last year and received back almost as much at 93 percent — more than their initial budgeted amount! Net income from video machines constituted approximately two-thirds of overall lottery budget; scratch tickets and other forms of gaming made up the remainder. Last year marked another significant change, however: Oregon Lottery launched a sports book which brought in $55.3 million – far exceeding what had been anticipated from their budgeted amount!

Which Oregon Video Lottery Game Offers the Best Odds

Each Oregon Video Lottery game displays the odds for winning prizes either on its main game screen or help screen; players may also find these details on its lottery website. Oregon Lottery website contains an abundance of scratch-it data, yet this information cannot be easily organized and analyzed into actionable insights. The website may provide a table showing remaining count of prizes at each prize point for every game, but that information alone won’t help you choose an effective scratch-it. A better approach would be visiting a lottery store and watching which machines are receiving most action – pay particular attention to which types of prizes are being claimed frequently by customers on each machine as well as its physical appearance.