Fortune Teller on Temple Street in Hong Kong

While the West may view it as a gimmick or scam, fortune telling is very much a part of Hong Kong culture. When you wander down Temple Street Night Market, past stalls of purses, paintings and sex toys, you will find the tiniest fluttering of tents—detailed with mystical symbols and signs that promise a glimpse into your future, from Chinese astrology to palm reading.

Among the various methods of divination, the most common are palm and face readings. The belief is that the length, shape and color of your four palm lines are indicative of love, health, luck, career, and family life. A face reading involves analyzing your facial features, such as the shape of your lips and nose, the position of your eyes, and even the color and scars on your skin. Most of these fortune tellers are not selling a circus act, and seem to understand that a reading is more than just a service; it’s about establishing a relationship with their customers.

Mai-Li, a renowned clairvoyant, is one such professional. She consults on everything from feng shui to your fortune, using a variety of mystical tools and techniques. Her ability to connect with her clients and impart her knowledge in an open, honest, and engaging way is a testament to the power of spirituality in modern times.




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