Tips on How to Flip the Screen on Computer

No matter if you’re using a Mac, Windows PC, Chromebook or Linux laptop, your screen orientation can be set to either landscape or portrait view. Rotating your display can be useful when watching videos, reading books or giving presentations from an awkward angle. In addition to manually changing monitor orientation and changing hotkeys manually, keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys exist that make rotating quick and simple – this article provides tips on how to flip the screen on your computer, and will walk through some of the more popular methods of doing so.

First, open the Windows Mobility Center by right-clicking and selecting “Display settings,” or searching “rotate” via Start menu search. Next, click Orientation button and select desired orientation option (for instance Landscape will rotate 90 degrees; some laptops offer extra “Portrait (Flipped)” rotation).

There are various other methods available for Windows PC users who need to rotate their screen, however these will not work on Mac or Linux systems. The quickest method would be navigating directly to the Display page in Settings app and selecting the Orientation option; or alternatively try pressing Ctrl + Alt + left/right arrow keys simultaneously for older versions of Windows.

Another way of rotating your screen on Windows computers involves creating a shortcut key to quickly turn it. For Intel graphics adapters, this can be accomplished by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting “Intel Graphics Settings,” or pressing Ctrl+Alt+Arrow keys on a laptop PC. However, this does not work with Nvidia or AMD adapters; but is an ideal alternative if the Mobility Center is unavailable or inconvenient to use.

If you are using an Nvidia or AMD graphics card, review your video driver software for a control panel that allows for adapter-specific adjustments. With up-to-date drivers installed on your laptop, a shortcut key should allow for quick screen rotation.

As soon as you’ve learned how to rotate the screen on your computer, you may quickly become an adept user of this feature. Quickly changing screen orientation can boost productivity while improving digital reading experiences – whether on a laptop, tablet or desktop. Knowing how quickly change orientation of screen is an invaluable skill that should come in handy from time to time; keep these tips in mind the next time you need to adjust orientation of screen and you’ll soon become an expert!