How to Play New Kentucky Lottery Game

how to play new kentucky lottery game

The Kentucky Lottery recently unveiled a unique jackpot game exclusively to their state. Kentucky 5, as the new game’s name indicates, boasts a jackpot that starts at $40,000 and rolls over daily by minimum $5,000 until someone wins it all. Tickets went on sale Monday; ticket drawing will occur tonight – joining Powerball and Mega Millions games that have seen Kentucky players winning big prizes.

Kentucky Lottery is an essential revenue generator for the Commonwealth, offering lottery fans an exciting way to win cash prizes and support state education programs. Established in 1989, its popularity and impact have since skyrocketed; offering plenty of ways for you to score big prizes and support state education initiatives. Winnings may be subject to both state and federal taxes upon receiving winnings.

Lotto enthusiasts in Kentucky can select from an impressive variety of draw and instant-win games, offering multiple chances to win with jackpots that begin at $20 million. The Kentucky Lottery website provides an informative overview of these available games; their official lottery app makes it simple to access game results, track winnings, and set personal spending limits.

Instant win games, more commonly known as scratch-offs, provide lottery players with immediate opportunities to win cash prizes. These games feature a protective layer which must be peeled off before any winners can be revealed and can come in various themes and price ranges; many scratch-offs are sold exclusively at Kentucky Lottery retailers.

Kentucky Lottery also offers online instant-win games as an additional form of gambling, in addition to traditional draw games. Instant-win games provide a fast and convenient means of participating, and can be played across most devices including desktop computers and mobile devices. Game fees generally range between $0.02-$20 per pay, with winning odds depending on game type and wager amount.

The official Kentucky Lottery App enables lottery players to conveniently purchase tickets with just a tap, check winning numbers and scan tickets for verification – all within an enhanced gaming experience! Available free download on both iPhone and Android, the Kentucky Lottery App also enables users to set spending limits and enter promos for responsible gambling as well as staying up-to-date on news and events from the Kentucky Lottery.