Is Online Gambling Legal in Florida?

is online gambling legal in florida

Florida is an intricate gambling state with laws that can be tricky to navigate. At present, its laws only permit pari-mutuel betting at state regulated tracks, playing slot and table games at Indian tribal casinos and some online horse betting. Florida residents can also enjoy social and sweepstakes casino games which use virtual money as rewards – these offer redeemable comps that players can redeem later for real comps!

Florida laws should change so it would be wiser for players to opt out of real-money online gaming platforms until then. Michigan and New Jersey-based platforms offer more streamlined gambling experiences while social and sweepstakes casinos may feature slot machines but do not provide real cash wins.

Florida law sets the legal gambling age at 21; however, some Florida-specific online gaming websites and apps set their minimum gambling age at 18. Such gaming platforms will use GPS and IP address verification technology to ensure players reside within state boundaries prior to gambling online.

If you want to gamble for real money online, look for sites offering multiple payment methods. Most top Florida online gambling sites accept major credit cards and eWallets; in addition, some also accept cryptocurrency deposits like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple.

Before depositing large sums of money online, it’s crucial that the site offers high levels of security. The best-protected sites use multiple technologies to keep your details safe – including SSL encryption technology – for optimal safety.

Another consideration should be your legal right to gamble alone or not. According to state laws, only licensed entities can conduct gambling activities within their respective state; these licensees must abide by all state regulations as well as age requirements set for gambling activities.

Florida law makes it illegal to bet on other people’s sports or games of chance, however Florida courts have held that contests of skill such as bowing, archery, golf and football do not fall under this prohibition. Poker, Keno and Roulette can also be seen as games of skill but it would be prudent to consult a tax professional first as gambling winnings can be considered taxable income in Florida.

Florida does not currently boast standalone commercial casinos; however, the state does offer several high-quality tribal and racino casinos offering an excellent selection of casino games. Furthermore, daily fantasy sports and horse racing provide opportunities for gambling within Florida – plus DraftKings Casino provides Floridians an online option to gamble real-money casino games; DraftKings operates as one of the leading DFS providers while boasting an expansive collection of real-money casino games; furthermore they’re planning on releasing a Florida online casino in near future.



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