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Hi, and welcome to my blog!

The blog is all about how I improved my eyesight naturally with a type of eye exercises to improve vision, that are not just eye exercises after all :)

I follow the Pure Vision Method and you can find out more about their system by clicking here.

My fighting spirit to improve my eyesight naturally image

My fighting spirit to improve my eyesight naturally :)

This has been a fascinating journey through health, and I’d strongly encourage you to have a look at their course, if you can’t stand your glasses and want to get rid of them long-term. It’ll make a huge difference in how you feel each and every day as well.

So this blog is all about my account of my journey from myopia and astigmatism, to the freedom of glasses and contacts that I envisioned for myself.

Yes, I was told by my optometrist that I’m wasting my time and there there are no alternatives for glasses, contacts, or eye surgery. But luckily he was wrong.

There is, and I don’t care, if he believes it or not :)