Improve Eyesight App

How should an app to improve eyesight actually work? How it works features of eyesight at all?

The purpose of those apps is that it helps you to stretch your eye muscles. Do this with me: look to the very left corner of your screen without moving your head. Then move your eyes to look at the very right corner of your screen.

And, do you feel any stretched in your eye muscles when the corners of the screen were captured by the eyes? Of course not, the screen it to small!

Now, do this: keep your head looking straight ahead and move only your eyes to look over your left shoulder. Keep them there.

Now move them slowly to the right and look over your right shoulder without moving your head.

Do you feel any stretch now?

If you did it, you must have felt a stretch. That’s the purpose of eye exercises, to stretch your eye muscles.No app on any screen can achieve that stretch.

Do stretching like this three times as week, and you’ll improve your vision. At least that’s the recommendations by Dartmouth University.

Every modern American family, and family around the world for that fact, should do these eye exercises together, instead of playing stuff on consoles and apps.

It’ll be much healthier, and prevents video gaming addiction that is a serious problem in our society, as the National Center for Biotechnology Information points out.