How To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

If you didn’t read my first post about how I came about to investigate how to improve eyesight, it’s probably best to start there.

Some Are Not Up To Speed To Improve Eyesight Naturally

Some Are Not Up To Speed To Improve Eyesight Naturally

As promised, today I want to explain how to improve your eyesight naturally. Better how I did it.

The first thing that really stood out is that they have a superb support team. The support guys are very knowledgeable and are highly trained. Support times are within a day during the week, and over the weekend they usually get back to you on Sunday. So support is an absolute plus.

In comparison when I tried to get hold of any support staff for any of the other popular systems and had program and content specific questions, they had no clue or never got back to me. So I don’t want to point out names, but it’s a definite plus for what I went through.

Ok, so now to their approach:

They don’t see the eyes as a separate part of the body, but as an integral part of it. They see is as part of the body-mind system, so they work with the mind, the body, and they eyes.

It looks like this:

First I worked with my mental reasons for having myopia. My beliefs around glasses, my view of my future, and the way I think about myself, and talk to myself. That part right there is really powerful because I had no idea what was really going on in my mind.

Then they helped me to work with my emotions. My emotions around my vision, and also about how I live my life.

Next thing they cover is nutrition and the chemistry of the body. What they have put together in that section is truly amazing. It’s like the most condensed way of getting into great health that I’ve ever seen.

Some experts say that a lot has to do with cholesterol, but that’s a way too simplistic view.

Afterwards I learned their gymnastics which makes you feel really good. And lastly you work with your eyes.

So it’s really the opposite of eye exercises. You work with your eyes last!


Do You Want To Improve Eyesight?

Well, if you are like me when I first started out on my journey, you sure hope so. But it’s hard to believe.

I am a programmer and sit in front of the computers for hours upon hours every day. So it’s especially hard to believe that you can improve your eyesight in these conditions when you’ve been told all your life it’s impossible.

Most Eye Exercises Are Hoax

The Jungle of Eyesight Improvement Programs Image

The Jungle of Eyesight Improvement Programs

I was wearing glasses for exactly 22 years when I began my research, and my optometrist always said that I might get better around 42 years of age, when I’ll probably turn farsighted.

In one point he was right; most of the eye exercise programs out there are a hoax. They sell you dream, but are thin ebooks with no substance to them. But there are exceptions.

My Eyesight Improvement Program

So after a lot of digging around and asking support questions (most of them never got answered) I ended up starting with the Pure Vision Method.

Their support was spectacular when I asked them about my conditions. I had myopia and astigmatism, both pretty bad. I had glasses since I was a child.

How Common Eye Exercises Work

When you do some research about all the methods, programs, and “systems” out there, you pretty quickly realize that they are all based on the Bates Method. So I got his free book here.

I did the exercises and got a bit better, but when I stopped, all my improvements vanished. I was on a holiday, didn’t exercises, and back to square one.

But because my eyesight did improve when I exercised, I started to search from other ways because there had to be a way. That’s the reason why all these “scientists” out there trash anything that suggests you can improve eyesight.

What Programming Teaches About Myopia

When you write a computer script you always start with the premise that everything is possible. When you do analysis and see that something worked, you know there is a way to improve whatever you are doing.

So when I saw slight improvements in myopia, and much bigger ones in astigmatism, I started digging.

How Does The Pure Vision Method Differ?

After my holidays and more digging, I finally came across the Pure Vision Method with a video on YouTube. The video made sense, so I asked support what the difference was to the Bates Method.

They explained that they work with the mind, the body, and the eyes, not just exercise the eyes.

So next time I’m going to break down for you exactly how they do it, and how that improved my vision.

See you then!